“searching the world by mind, body falls in collapse”

often choices, one too many
often moments stop… for all the voices I’ll be having.

is it just the sound that fils my sometimes empty boxes
might be me inside some empty boxes

not just one of those too many
not one of the fews
finding the time and the fuel
to make time stop

… from time to time

but will it stop for when I’ll need it…
will I ever need it… most

often I’m not getting any,
not the words, or the words meanings
often, I’ll just be..

who am I being often…

get cozy

He says “there’s no lie in her fire…” but I say, we all lie on a daily basis. When it comes to our inner self and feelings and shit, we cheat.

Do we really need vulnerability in our lives? Cause it causes a lot of trouble and inconvinients… What would we be without it?

They say we’re not human if we don t feel the dept of every situation, with every inch of our soul. I have to ask myself … isn’t indiference healthy too?

There are some scars that never heal, because we don t allow it to. Masochism never dies because it never starves… because with or without our will, we feed it up.. We create our monsters…some of them friendly, some of them scary, but all of them familiar .

What else is there to do… but deny it all?!

Maybe there is no lie in her fire, after all.