something special

Am vazut weekendul trecut, cei mai frumosi munti din lume si i-am vazut exact la noi in tara si exact acum cand au cel mai mult de oferit.. cel putin pentru mine culorile toamnei nu se compara cu nimic. Oricum am sa las niste poze aproape modeste as zice, frumusetea reala de acolo e de nereprodus pentru ca nici macar pozele mele speciale si pline de dragoste nu au reusit sa ii faca favoruri, ei frumusetii.

Carpatii Orientali si mai exact Carpatii de Curbura, zona in Depresiunea Brasovului in partea de Nord si Valea Prahovei in Sud.
Spectacol al naturii!

Am mai scris zilele trecute despre cateva obiective turistice de la noi, locurile pline de istorie si traditie ale tarii noastre. De data asta, mergand spre inaltimile Romaniei am oprit la Bran si am furat cateva instantanee si de acolo. Era la fel de frumos ca si printre munti pentru ca e la fel de toamna si in plus mai e misterul din jurul Castelului Bran. Dar cel mai sigur o sa intelegeti din imagini ce vreau sa spun.

M-am indragostit de tara noastra.

Una peste alta, astazi e o zi speciala aici pe blog… asa cred ca se cheama… pentru ca m-am hotarat sa scriu in limba mea, a noastra, in limba romana…

Am cam umblat la aplicatii si am verificat de pe unde sunteti.. de pe unde v-am gasit si m-ati gasit. Am vazut ca aproximativ jumatate din voi sunteti 🇷🇴; Wow….
1. am fost fericita;
2. am decis sa iau masuri.

Cred ca cel mai corect e sa fac jumate-jumate in ceea ce tine de partea scrisa… as vrea sa fie mai usor sa ne citim de acum inainte.

Motivul pentru care am inceput prin a scrie in limba engleza, l-am legat in special de muzica mea, a noastra, care fiind mai toata “in english” a generat public international, incepand cu  I can feel  si continuand cu restul pieselor mele….dar o sa povestim mai multe si in viitor ca sa nu lungim vorba prea tare, acum. ♥️

Lots and lots of love…


can we be friends?

I’m still writing about friendship cuz I was giving it a lot of thought lately…

Being used to be surrounded be my loved ones, friends and family all together and growing up in my small town with those that were by my side since I can remember… I think I developed this need of being attached and always connected to the ones I love in a much bigger way than simply “knowing the person, hang out now and then, make a few calls a week to just keep it going and name all the above friendship”.
I was thought better that that… I’d like to believe.

So, obviously I continued with thinking about human connection and I found myself understanding that the love we keep talking about doesn’t need to come just from boys and girls we share sexual activities with… I mean… Jesus, seriously? 😒
Why is the run after “the one” such a big deal?
If we would share and balance our feelings towards more humans around us, maybe the pressure towards one human wouldn’t be so much and everything would have a whole new meaning and characteristics….

We can create so much love with our friends and feel complete even though we’re single or even though we’re astronauts and won’t come back to earth….
Why do we forget how great is the love on this planet, regardless the source of it?
Fewer people would end up in divorce is my belief…. really.

But what happened when I got deeper into the topic? I found myself feeling a little blue cuz I feel like we don’t do friendships anymore… not like that anyway. These days, being close to somebody in an old fashion, gets to be called “intense or too emotional” and I kinda don’t know what to do with this information :))

I would very much like to go back to being intense and too emotional with my friends, please….

Can you find me any?

I’m saying the truth though.

Endless emotional and intense love.