wind of change

People say that we don’t change… that deep inside, in our essence we will always stay the same… That changes, if they ever come, will be small adjustments here and there but nothing fundamental.

I wonder if that’s true….

People also say that we are who we surround ourselves with… and they also say “show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are”.

For the sake of exercise I’ll pretend that this is true and that we are the same as our friends, but what happens if absurdly we loose our friends, do we change then?
And if we do… how?

I still wonder…

All I can say is all that I’ve learned. And that is that reasons to change might be thousands. This life is so unpredictable that opportunities to be different, either you like it or not…. might be even more than you will sometimes handle.

The changes we embrace? I just hope they’ll make us proud… cuz I don’t think I believe in that “we don’t change thing”.

I believe in wishing to be happy and complete and I believe in doing everything humanly possible to make that happen.

That is what I believe.

So tell me if you ever feel like you need to change…
Is it possible to change?

Endless love,




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