thank you…


I have just started this whole world of pretty things as I’ma call it from now on…

… I am just beginning to discover the world of visuals and fashion and art and the writing and the writers and I have the joy of growing up with you, as you follow me and I am following you. XoXo

We are many… I must say. And that makes me very happy cuz it feels like I’m creating this tiny space for us all and wherever it may go, I’m hoping it’ll stay as intimate and perfect as it is right now.

True that you come and go as the wind flows. Some of you are already my old pals…. but we’re happily having new people also, every day.

For all of you, I’m saying welcome to our world!

This little letter I’m writing is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving art and for that and not only….

I love you.




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