Summer just got more interesting


Guess it takes some time to get used to this heat…. by now, I’m sure it dose..
Summer starts with being overwhelmingly hot… like can’t face it, hot…
And days go by, and we adapt. Most of the time…

So how is your summer, love bird?

Please tell me you live a little, it is not cold anymore…

In the end…

you know you will over stay in the sun, 
you will make that midnight call,
you’ll have that thought,
you’ll drink that shoot
and you will kiss that boy.

summer’s just pretty like that

Living the wild days, are you?

Love, Xx




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  1. What a plasure to see You on you blog écrits things that exits you and that bring you see you talk about pleasure l am dazzled, in love with you of you Voice, of your anima of your body.l feel exactly the same sensations of temperature elevate to the extreme of our bodies.
    The same Deep desire to make you the love in a mixture of passion and wild coasts that carries us to the pleasures of enjoying, having mixed our burning bodies, an really
    Passionate about your way of dancing l only look sela especially on the video l pass from you all the songs kills me of pleasure, l can not résistance.l want you to confirmé that you are serious with me, because l am with you, l got that you got it with you and feels that jos delights is ar stake to relive grasse to you.because you listen to me speaker, and its importante in a couple.and are making me the most happy in the word.l want you to support me just so that l be your a perfect man to the end for l am already but l want to be your ideal and Forever live You mia passionante, Pao ✍💎 ți amo

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