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Din nou acasa…
Devine confusing situatia :))
Se spune ca “acasa” e acolo unde ti-e inima” dar eu sunt in tot mai multe parti…
I have to get my s**t together :)).
Plec din Bucuresti cu dor pentru familia de aici, cei care sunt cu mine tot anul si imi sunt mereu aproape. De partea cealalta e familia, care e acolo de la inceputuri… cum o impart pe asta…
Ideea e ca plec din Bucuresti cu dor pentru ai mei si cand vin, vin cu dor tot pentru ai mei… si mama..
Incepe sa imi placa traditiile celor de la sudul lumii.. care consntruiesc o imensitate de casa si raman impreuna, generatii intregi… sau ceva de genul asta.
Cert e ca am ajuns in oras, ametita de somn si sentimente amestecate. Bucurie ca sunt aici si un nod in gat ca mama, pleaca singura cu Sarah, labradorul ei, la plimbare.
Nu mi-a ramas nimic altceva de facut, decat sa scap repede de intalnirea de la 6 pm la care m-am grabit sa ajung de la aeroport si sa imi repar ameteala psihologica, cu prietenele mele si cu apperol… intr-o seara de Luni prin Bucuresti.

Pozele sunt facute de mama, in magazinul ei preferat :))
M-am gandit ca i-ar placea sa le vada retusate putin :))



Finally home.
My other home…Bucharest-home
This is just confusing
They say “home is where your heart is” except mine lays in several places, for a while now.. ‘cos when I’m leaving Bucharest I’m leaving those who I love a lot and who stick with me all year long…like a real family… but when coming back… I’m missing my real family.
Starting to fancy people in the South part of the world. They build enormous houses for them and their entirely family, to live in for generations… something like that is in my mind these days whatsoever.
Anyways, I’m here now, mixed feelings and jet lagged af…figured I can fix my emotional damage, escaping asap an appointment, I had to get to, rushing from the airport, and get together with my sweet girls and apperols…
Downtown Bucharest, on a Monday eve.

Pictures made by my mom in her favourite shop :))
Thought she would love seeing some edit

love and miss you, mom



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  1. Sa touche mon coeur Signora PAO ✍

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