Starting to get the goosebumps on every winterish picture I’m scrolling too…
it is November. Sweet November.
Starting on me this month, with whole new experiences and projects and I can feel how they’re┬áreflecting on me, giving me this licker in my eyes… highlights in my hair and sparkles on my skin. I’m all shiny now :)) .
Just kidding but the new projects part is very real… :)
Above all… me, being such a sucker for seasons and lover of the significant parts on every single one of them, especially winter and its Christmas… Oh my God, I could just go shopping yesterday.

Really, starting November I’m so Christmasy, I’ma turn into a tree… lights on me and presents next to my feet and all…

Happy we get to experience all this magic coming soon, together.
Loving, living, sharing these days

Love you. Me



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