This would be my personal “play-ground”, and we are talking, mostly style and fashion, from time to time.

My personal view, regarding what beautiful looks like.

The words I’m putting in every article, are just emotional statements and it always means something… even tho’ it may not look like, it does :D.

Images and pictures, photo sessions, faces and make-up… everything that’s insert inside my digital world, for sure, made me feel something, at a certain point.

The whole point of my pages and the stories I create… it’s just emotion, feelings and vibes.
Aside from music this is my inspiration and love.

Sometimes, the whole inspiration for what I’m writing or for what I’m showing here, it’s music… a song or simple poetry…

…and sometimes my poetry, my lyrics and my music, come to life because of the beautiful I’m seeing and images I’m putting in here.

I saw many artists expressing their emotions very deeply, I usually feel that, I usually take that energy and transform it into my own way of letting my own emotions out.

People feel. We feel before we think…

We let it all in, feel it all, understand it all, and use it to be beautiful… to make beautiful statements… to put colour where it was usually grey shades.

Someday, somebody will be grateful for everything you carry inside, and for the courage to let it all out.

The most beautiful thing in the world is inspiration…be the most beautiful thing in the world.





I was always singing…
I was always a little artist inside my bubble balloon, since I can remember…

I wasn’t studying music much, music school was not a thing back in my hometown. I never really knew that I could do music, I just knew, since forever, that notes and melodies make me feel things, things that, at first, I couldn’t explain…

Notes could take me to the highest highs and lift me up like nothing else in the world could, and than put me down if needed :)) …

I was a kid and I was feeling pretty much everything, because of music.
I grew up, I changed in the ways music told me to… I learned to face myself and to recognise my own way, in those directions, still music drifted me towards…

I was finding myself everyday and than, once again, music actually happened.
I met David..he told me I can sing… just like that. So I said “ok”.

Yap I could… I didn’t knew how, at the beginning.. but I started to learn how to be a professional.

Next thing I know, I was singing “I can feel” all over the world… more hits came and so with each and every different song, I was still learning things… Things about music, and about how I want to finally grow up.

Overwhelming emotions…and my “teenager condition” sometimes drifted me away… and brought me back…It was such an amazing journey from day one… and counting.

Years later, I’m still hopelessly in love with music, transforming it every day into my lifestyle or simply put my life into music…either way it’s just a one way possible kind of road…

My interpretation of what music looks like it’s just my interpretation of what feelings look like
And it’s all in here…

that it’s all of this about…