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Beauty musts? Mostly effortless

Make up trends? Mostly NO make up

Not that big on writing descriptive texts regarding fashion and styling even though that is what I’m basically showing… but I’m not writing about it because as far as I am concerned, the pictures are speaking for themselves. The fashion in here, is just a vibe, a mood, my mood and that, I am free to make public and I’m very comfortable with sharing and I’m hoping it is inspiring for you. But I am not going to tell you how to use your cloths because that is not my job and nobody ever accredited me to be able to do so.
That being said… I was looking for fashion and trends for 2017/2018 because I’m obsessed with this minimalistic make up that’s dominating the catwalk for the next season…
This is my selection, love every single one of this looks, belonging to the best designers and make up artists in the world. And you can find more in here




Nu sunt prea buna la a scrie texte descriptive in ceea ce tine de fashion sau styling chiar daca tema de baza a sitelui, oarecum e fashion samd. Dar nu scriu despre asta pentru ca imaginile sunt suficiente, cred si pt ca nu as vrea sa se confunde lucrurile. Eu nu fac stilistica, eu doar am o pasiune. Eu fac muzica :)) iar locul asta unde povestim noi mai detaliat despre haine, despre fete, despre arta, despre viata e doar o viziune si un punct de vedere… al meu. Nu sunt stilist. Imi doresc sa inspir cat mai multa lume dar asta e doar atat. Inspiratie. Eu nu pretind sa stiu sau sa decid ce e bine si ce nu e bine in nici un domeniu cu atat mai mult in cel al “hainelor” dupa ce ca sunt atat de multi care fac asta :d. 

Si asta a fost un scurt reminder pt ca am facuut o selectie pentru trenduri 2018, cautam  machiajul minimalist care a dominat catwalk’ul la fashion week, zilele astea si am gasit selectia Cosmopolitan  care este “foarte suficienta”. In link gasiti si mai multe, astea mi-au placut mie.

Love, me 🥀

Bye bye

It’s the second day of pouring autumn rain… all those yellow leafs are starting to really leave their homes in the trees, and cover the wet, muddy ground.

Starting to feel lucky for hanging out the other day, meaning Sunday with lovely friend, Mr Gri and taking some pics along our talks… such a beautiful sunny day that was, maybe one of the lasts 20 something degrees outside, for this year.

Not much to say, I’m just starring at my window, watching fall in all its glory , waiting for the rain to turn into snow, having my cup of coffee…

So much autumn…




E a doua zi in care ploua, ploua, ploua. Tot galbenul din copaci, e deja mai mult imprastiat pe jos… Incep sa apreciez tot mai mult, Duminica pe care am epuizat-o pe afara, toata ziua rebela, cu unul dintre cei mai cool oameni pe care ii cunosc, Mr Gri si am si facut cateva poze pe langa alte povesti. A fost atat de mult soare. Probabil a fost una din ultimele zile cu 20 si ceva de grade pe anul asta.

Nu sunt prea multe de spus… stau si ma uit putin racita, prin fereastra, la toamna de afara. Ploua. Astept picurii sa se tranforme in zapada… si cafeaua e foarte buna in dimineata asta.

Foarte multa toamna.

Zara Jeans
Boyfriend Jacket