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I believe this is the season of true love at its very beginning.
Got me thinking
… I know that summer love, well. The rush, the heat, the… I don’t really care about tomorrow, all I want is all have and I have it right now, kind of thinking, way of living la vida loca.
Summer love, I used to believe it is all we live for, if possible I would’ve thought of ways to recreate that little tickle in my stomach all year long. That adrenaline is all someone could ask from a high way speed, way of being… and my God… that is what you will get if you truly understand summer.

Now Autumn… well, Autumn comes different. Is the time when you have to look them in the eyes in the middle of the day, having brunch, because you’re having brunches now. It’s when he puts your hands in the pocket of his sweater because it is cold, now. It’s when it rains and you make that call for pizza and both of you will watch a movie called “Love something, something”… together. Those blankets, cuddles, cuddling, sleepovers, again, because it’s cold and you don’t want him to leave just yet and it’s 1 am and he will stay and keep you warm…

So yes, it got me thinking.
And Dior is having this amazing #diorlovechain with the question “WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR LOVE?”
What would you?

Love Xx

closer to…

So, it seams that I stopped the writing for a second there, but having the following events around here, it was hard for me to focus and get in shape. No excuses, nonetheless.
Taking your “demands” and friends advices, here I am leaving some words, along with the pics I’ve been so clingy about… 😁

So in a different order of saying, been working my ass off in making this whole concept of what I want to visually express, all I have stuck on my mind. Gotta say, I am really excited… yeey 😁

I’ve learned that this whole industry, is based on colors and shapes, things I’ve been thinking about even in my actual sleep, and was not doing much about it (exhausting thing now that I think about it). A huge writer once said, that if you are an artist and you have something artistic in mind, you have no choice but to give birth to that idea because it will consume you like nothing else… so;
Couldn’t help it, but to get to business and actually create what I was so much overthinking…
still working, still learning. But I do hope that in the near future you’ll get to see some practical stuff, besides the ones I’ve already started.

Music also goes hand in hand, contributing alongside with my new project, to get me really tired and unable to compose a few words. Having to split my time between the album I’m having released soon, and the visual stuff… oh well… I’m gonna get me some more focus.

Hope to see you all, around here for when it gets even prettier!
Much love
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