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I just called…



Hello little birdies…
Just stopped by to say I love… since we are actually coming around more and more.

Looks like we’re having a dating place in here and I am enormously happy that you’ve chosen me to be your host.
It is all about love… even if it sounds a little something cheesy…

Anyways… I am looking forward to hear about your requests for new posts or questions whatsoever… I’m here to answer all the things that are possible for me to do so.

This will be our little secret playground and I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Love always




autumn sun

All I could think about are some words I wrote as I was circling around the pictures I took.
These days in front of the sea… last summer days as they were full of autumn but still warm wind, friends and sand and love… a lot of love.

Next to the beach, I saw the locals packing up, closing their sweet little cottages by the shore… few people, rebels just like us, enjoying their last bears and cigarettes, preparing to go home… just like us.

Can’t quite describe this big feeling. I guess people usually call it “happiness” but I can’t stop thinking that it might be some mix of nostalgic and a little screwed up state of this heart of mine…

And I can still feel salty water, sparkling wine, dizziness, nostalgia, sand, warm skin and autumn wind. Friends and all the love… I still feel it all as I stand in this big city now, writing all of these memories down, on this big city life morning.

These were the last days and the firsts…
Been awaited by my warm, cozy sweaters and jeans. Awaited by the next month. October, owner of the most beautiful nature colors out of all the colors of the year..

But there are still a lot of things left to be done for this September though… like heading to the next amazing places… as I do believe I’m on some kind of recognising beauty tour around Romania

Still I find myself curious of the feelings you have about this summer-autumn transition…

How do you feel, my love?
What do you feel?

yours, Ela