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out of bed

Here we go

Truth is… I have a friend who says, every time she sees a woman wearing an oversized shirt, she’s thinking of me
Truth is… I really love huge boyfriend shirts

So I was hanging out yesterday to this beautiful garden. In fact it was a restaurant looking like a pretty garden named “Verona” with pretty good food and lovely vibes

I was out of bed, out of shower – wet hair and all… boyfriend shirt, no make up, huge glasses on…all around freshness, hot beyond words, slightly windy tho’ … and under those trees really….we pulled it off with the heat and it was quite lovely…

Boyfriend shirt and boots… and feeling my full self

Love that kinda, barely waking-up mornings, morning energy, the sun… cozy, beautiful outfits, holly hydration…
I love summer

But now it’s raining and I couldn’t be more inspired.
More than barely waking up mornings, I love summer rainy mornings

So much love


cups with ice

I’m not here for advice or anything, “we’re just here to please, miss Steel”-  as “50 shades of grey” was saying
So thinking about a topic that would match my swimsuits, was thinking about what could I possibly say that you don’t know yet but thats a matter of experiencing life, which is different from a person to another.

I really know we all love and feel in different manners, like I like to wear my boyfriend shirts different from how they were made to be worn.

Personalized stuff humor me cuz they make me feel special. So are feelings, cuz I won’t settle for anything else than out of ordinary. Life gets interesting like that.

So should you, really
Stay special, get special from the world and choose your style the same, out of the reach of others.
Unintentional advices. We’re really just here to please

Yet another advice… don’t stop the music

love, love, love