Monthly Archives: July 2017

c’est pas ma faute

6:27 am
My vintage, peach Ray Ban’s were making me a little bolder then I use to be…
Cuz Lolita from the candy shop said “te amo” a little too loud for me not to hear, so I heard.
I was buying lollipops in there..
Then I was trying to keep a constant smile no more, no less
no sudden moves…

I leaved that place rushing, cuz that girl was so pretty and nice and it was a very long night and I was so, so tired.

it was 6:35 am in my bed
maybe Lo’ will sell more lollipops this morning


bad liar

Finish your cigar, he said…
and than:

Title is just because I love love that song
“Uuu… you’re taking up a fraction of my mind
Oh uuu… everytime I watch you serpentine”
Bad liar by Selena Gomez

Anyway, this is just a reminder of the good old days, of love and fashion, of love and music

The 70’s the 8o’ the 90’s

Vintage and fabulous

Love love love