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A “Paris”… is that in-your-face, loud and crazy, silly girl.
While she may be all that, she has a quiet, dark and mysterious side to her.
She doesn’t let people see her whole inside but if she shows it to you, just remember that that is something special.
Keep her secrets and she’ll keep yours. Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel, most often she will feel the same!
If she seems tough on the outside that is because she hates the hurting.
She is creative and when she falls in love she falls hard.
She wants to be alone but not lonely… often, people don’t understand that.
Try to understand and you will be thanked.
When you find a “Paris”… never hurt her or you will forever regret you did.
Urban Dictionary said that

I say it is just the son of Priam, whose abduction of Helen, leads to the Trojan War.

Perspectives tho’

so much love


Summer so far?
Middle of July…

Sunny, warm, sometimes rainy July.
It’s happening…
More and more often lately, I find myself asking …. how the hell did this happen?

Oh well…
Life’s gotta do what life’s gotta do

Tho’ I’m not easily surprised… these months made a circus around here, work and life both :))

It has been a rough year, it was… feels like it just ended.
‘Cuz you know it’s done when good stuff happen after al that shitty, shitty noise in your head for the last 12 months.
Tho’ it’s crazy how I can’t even commit to a normal, traditional year circle.. I’ve made my own… July to July :))

Grateful for all the life challenges forcing me to remember a sort of power I almost forgot.