Monthly Archives: June 2017


Summer just got more interesting


Guess it takes some time to get used to this heat…. by now, I’m sure it dose..
Summer starts with being overwhelmingly hot… like can’t face it, hot…
And days go by, and we adapt. Most of the time…

So how is your summer, love bird?

Please tell me you live a little, it is not cold anymore…

In the end…

you know you will over stay in the sun, 
you will make that midnight call,
you’ll have that thought,
you’ll drink that shoot
and you will kiss that boy.

summer’s just pretty like that

Living the wild days, are you?

Love, Xx



Been doing a lot of things lately. Feeling summer like what it is…little bit of magic.

Working like crazy, building all this plans and ideas of what next year might look like, hopefully it’ll be amazing, I kinda stopped keeping up with the writing for a while…

Somehow I’m loosing patience trying to cope with peoples expectations of me, because of my work. Things take time,especially surprising things.
Music makes everything look better, that’s for sure. Same goes for how I look at people thru music and with music in my heart.

Getting to know all these new faces of new people and new postures of old friends… funny how time changes who we know we are… including myself. So I guess it’s all right if from time to time, you just stop for a minute and look carefully… at life, at yourself… and think.

It’s ok to just reminisce and think and it’s ok to put aside what people think you should do and just start doing what you feel like you need to do.

Can’t stop staring at beautiful things and beautiful human beings these days… and feeling like we are in need of more of that. I need to be more like that.

And I needed to take the time to write this down.

So much love.