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take shelter

Prima ploaie de vara, care nici macar nu m-a repezit… nici macar un pic.
E magic soarele si e magica vara.
In fiecare an pe vremea asta imi amintesc de valul de caldura care ne asteapta, pentru ca deja e destul de cald. Imi amintesc de zilele lungi si prea calde, dar care mi-au lipsit multe, multe luni.
Se serge tot ce nu imi place in lumina asta arzatoare, si gradele functioneaza ca niste turbo amortizoare de neuroni :))
Mi-am scos din dressingul proaspat “alimentat” cu haine de vara, perchea preferata de blugi scurti, extrem de rupti :)). Am iesit din dus, am tras un pulover pe mine si fara machiaj, m-am ascuns in spatele ochelarilor negri… am fugit spre cea mai apropiata zona verde din Bucuresti.
A fast perfect.
Primavara asta e cam la final, e clar

Basically I had my first real summer day for this year and it felt amazing.
I even had my first summer rain and I just stood still in the pouring water…
I love all about these days.. the heat… even tho’ I already know it’s going to be exhausting… I don’t care. Xx
I love it how the sun is so bright and this summer light works its magic to actually keep only beautiful thoughts and get rid of all the rest.
I took my extremely ripped denim shorts, out from my recently refreshed for summer closet, jumped out from the shower, into my sweater and out the door.
Rushing towards the closest green spot in the middle of the capital.
It was perfect.
Spring’s over, folks


salty lips

Waking up to the sunrise… all white sun lights everywhere.
Hit the open road carrying last nights memories…
Drive fast on the edge of the ocean to feel summers warm wind that’ll heal my heart of all the cold hearts in the world
Cuz life’s nothing more than a full ride leading to the beach house I’m heading to

Multa agitatie zilele astea…
E fabulos dar e intotdeauna un moment cand e destul de aglomerat si atunci de cele mai multe ori as vrea o pauza sa pot sa organizez amalgamul de idei si cuvinte, sa le pun in ordine si apoi pe “hartie”.

Asa ca a fost agitatie si pauza mea de cuvinte a intarziat sa apara, desi s-a muncit mult. La site, la poze, la muzica si la tot felul de povesti de vara..

Momentul culminant a fost deschiderea sezonului si vorbeam cu prietenii mei (ca ne-am impartit in grupuri care s-au imprastiat – mare, munte, Bucuresti, provincie-).
Toate partile au o ideea comuna; E nebunie peste tot, nebunie aglomerata.
Eu am avut grupul cu marea si a fost magic pentru ca mi-a fost dor… prea dor, asa de dor ca nici nu am realizat pana dupa ce ne-am regasit…eu si marea
M-am last dusa de val si acum sunt departe in larg…dar ma intorc pana la toamna. Tot bine.
Am facut abuz de boyfriend shirt, o las aici purtata in 3 variante, deocamdata.


It was crazy around here these days, cuz of the opening summer season…
And I’m finding myself… every now and then in need of that alone space, to keep my mental health on track. Most of the time, part of keeping that balance is to write stuff down, as you clearly can see :))
But it was truly insane and my schedule  went nuts. So I preferred to just go with the flow and take my time for whenever It would have been possible to just write in peace.

I went to see my all time lover just to fall in love again, as I annually do…
and it was there, quietly waiting for me… the sea.
It put it’s salt on my lips and kissed my cheeks with the warmest breeze..
We’re having each other soon
Boyfriend shirt all the way. Styled in 3 different ways so far.

“you are my favourite” teeshirt, red teeshirt and skinny jeans
boyfriend shirt, bootstrap jeans
ray bans

dreamy vibes and a lot of sea side view