Monthly Archives: May 2017



Thinking more and more about constant sunny days, about staying away from the mess that comes with the city.
I don’t know if it’s this summers smell in the air or the very unstable weather that messes with my head…
But me at some beach, having my Piña Colada, palm trees, a very very blue water and a very very white sand… well… I said it all.
Love the city… its pools and its noise on summer nights cuz it’s a constant buzz inside this European capital.
But I don’t know… I just feel that a beach, somewhere, it’s waiting for me, big time.
Going-gone… just a sec so I can grab my stuff :))

Was walking downtown Bucharest in my leather jacket and my really cool denims and loving each and every minute.

Having a coffee but thinking about that Piña Colada tho’…



Busy in the most pleasant way, days…

Working on a lot of new music with my most dear team, doing it all, making the best out of any talent we found within.
Writing these amazing new plays that’ll eventually come out, really soon…
Full of surprises these days..

Found the time to take some pics in one of our favourite (by the boulevard) spots, during a semi break, last days.
Hopefully, all the magic I fell we’ve done, pays off in the shortest time.
Not much time to take care of writing and outfits and silly pictures, but still I’m no neglecting “mother” of my so called blogging child.

Got this yellow shirt, really loved the colour and went out undercover, cuz to be honest, I got really tired with all the work that needed to be done.
Skinny, blue, ASSOS jeans and Ray Bans

See you, love birds