Monthly Archives: March 2017

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I’m standing in front of an old friend.

We’ve met a long time ago, we were barely children and I got to know him well. So well, to the point where I feel, I can sense him from miles, now.

I’ve made friends with it. I’ve made friends with a feeling, and it has been a while since I did.

Kind of strange this friend of mine… I never knew why, but at some point it started to remind me of highways.

I suppose I always felt things in my stomach, every time I was finding myself out from the city… into the wild… running towards some destination unknown..

Now, this friend I kind of like, was always making me forget about all kinds of destinations.

This feeling was making me pay attention to the road.

…those speeding cars, that rush, how I’m always moving fast. It feels like a keeper of joy and wonder… but it’s just and old friend.

It was making me forget where I’ve been so far and where I’m going. Like a needy state of mind that takes all of my attention to grow itself strong, but it’s just to make me stronger… so I’ve learned.

We’ve been growing up together…it is mutual growing and we’re codependent friends.

Interesting thing this friend I’m having… I’m starting to believe it’s never leaving my side…


Lately, I’ve been obsessing about the story of this little girl escaping her country, North Korea, following just a broken compass and then the Northern Star. Crossing the freezing desert, somewhere between China and South Korea, by night… risking her life in order to be free.

They were living in darkness, she and her family… there was no electricity, not even the idea of what that is… there was no light. Never. And there was no food.

Her village was separated from China only by a sometimes dry river…
As a child, she had to run to that river to wash cloths in the freezing water, and to bring heavy buckets back home, so her family could calm their thirst.

Then she saw how people on the other side were living. She saw there is no darkness and so she wandered, what would it be like for them, to know a little about light too.

She was 11 years old.

Made me think if we really understand the concept of feeling and being free…
Do we really comprehend the amazing gift we’ve been given for the simple fact that we were born in the right place?

I keep remembering how I once learned that freedom is a state of mind. The feeling we sometimes find in our friends and family and sometimes in the open field, picking up flowers and laying on the green grass..

keep remembering, how rain used the feel like freedom to me.

Would we risk everything in order to feel free.. whatever freedom looks like?

At this point I’m amazed with the moments I actually understand the greatness of white flowers and sunny days, the sea and my hometown fields.

Amazing thing, this freedom feelings…

*This little girl’s name is Yeonmi Park. She is now an amazing young woman, telling her story to the world.