I always felt… maybe just a little french rebelle
I had my times when I got bothered by how it may look like like… and then I have those times I feel blessed, me and all them scars.
Wo can actually say, got out of it scar free?

I ask myself why do we still keep asking to fit in when we are so so pretty by being simply different.
The beauty circle, the social circle, the happy people, the “normal” people
Still I can’t figure….

Why do we still separate each other by our own realities of being too serious or too shiny or too quiet or too chatty…
Like even damaged… people love damaged in movies a lot… so what’s so weird about it…

If you really lived this life a little and you are still in love with everything, you are definitely a rebel, my love and you are so, so beautiful I can’t wait to meet you.



A “Paris”… is that in-your-face, loud and crazy, silly girl.
While she may be all that, she has a quiet, dark and mysterious side to her.
She doesn’t let people see her whole inside but if she shows it to you, just remember that that is something special.
Keep her secrets and she’ll keep yours. Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel, most often she will feel the same!
If she seems tough on the outside that is because she hates the hurting.
She is creative and when she falls in love she falls hard.
She wants to be alone but not lonely… often, people don’t understand that.
Try to understand and you will be thanked.
When you find a “Paris”… never hurt her or you will forever regret you did.
Urban Dictionary said that

I say it is just the son of Priam, whose abduction of Helen, leads to the Trojan War.

Perspectives tho’

so much love